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Sending Priority
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Our sending priority feature allows you to control what type of email we send next if there is ever a backlog of emails in a particular campaign queue. Backlogs typically happen in cold emails when

  1. you have a lot of contacts to send to

  2. you have daily limits set on your mailboxes

  3. you have follow up emails in your campaign

Let's take this scenario.

  • Your campaign has 1,000 contacts

  • Your campaign has 1 initial email and 2 follow up emails

  • We 1 days into the campaign and you have send 300 initial emails and you follow up emails are starting to become ready to send.

At this point, we're a day into the campaign and we're at a crossroads being we could send either the follow up email next or reach out to a new contact. Current cold email tools would simply grab a random contact, but with Mailstand you can let us know your preferences.

Here are our options when it comes to sending priority:

No Priority

We will send emails on a first come first serve basis and not look at priority.'

Initial Emails

We will make sure that X% of initial emails will send first in the queue versus follow up emails.

Follow up Emails

We will make sure that X% of follow up emails will send first in the queue versus initial emails.

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