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Adding Custom Domain For Cloudflare
Adding Custom Domain For Cloudflare
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Here's how to add a custom domain for Cloudflare.

  1. Pick a subdomain that you want us to use in your cold email and add it to your Mailstand account

  2. Log into Cloudflare

  3. Click into the domain that you want to configure within Cloudflare.

  4. Go into the DNS settings, which is located on the left hand side.

  5. Click + Add record

  6. And add a CNAME like below. Note: Be sure to use the HOST that you see within your Mailstand form that you did in step 1.

    ​Input Settings:
    Type: CNAME
    Name: The subdomain name that you want to use.
    Make sure Proxy Status is OFF.

  7. Hit save in Cloudflare.

  8. Then hit "I added this within my DNS settings" in Mailstand.

  9. Then you're done! πŸŽ‰

  10. Mailstand will check this over the next 72 hours (yes, it could take that long) and email you when its ready.

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