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Configure Microsoft Account with 2FA
Configure Microsoft Account with 2FA
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If you have Two Factor Authentication (2FA) set up on your Microsoft account you will need to configure your account slightly to work with Mailstand.

Step 1: Go To "Tenant Properties" in Azure Active Directory

Go to Azure Active Directory (see video for more help).

Step 2: Enable Security Defaults to "Off"

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Manage Security defaults"

  2. Then, "Enabled Security defaults" should be "No"

Step 3: Confirm SMTP & IMAP is "On"

  1. Go to the "Active Users" tab to open up the user settings

  2. Then, make sure IMAP and SMTP is checked on

Step 4: Go To "Additional Security Verification"

Sign into your account and go to the URL to make sure you have at least one 2FA connection set up. If not, set one up (like a phone number).

Step 5: Open "Multi-factor Authentication Section" In Azure Active Directory

To do this go to:

  1. Go to Admin Settings

  2. Then on the left hand side bar find the "Azure Active Directory"

  3. Once in, click users. You should see this page.

Step 6: Select "User" And Open "Per-User MFA"

Like this:

Step 7: Hit "Enable", Then "Enforce"

  1. First hit "Enable", and confirm.

2. Then hit "Enforce" in the same place that enable just was, and confirm.

Step 8: Create App Password And Use That Password In Mailstand

  1. Hit "Add Method"

  2. Now select App Password

  3. Create an App Password

  4. Then add that App Password to these two sections


And then you should be all set! πŸŽ‰ If you get stuck feel free to reach out to support.

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