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How To Use Spintax In Cold Email
How To Use Spintax In Cold Email
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Email servers can decrease your deliverability if they see too many similar messages coming from you. This is because the server may think that you are a spammer. One way to avoid this is by using Spintax.

Spintax is a way to make your email text more unique for each recipient. With Spintax, you can rotate between different phrases in your email text. This way, your email will look different for each person that receives it.

To use spintax, you just have to use #RAND as a variable like this in your email templates.

{{#RAND | Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3}}

As an example, you can use Spintax to rotate your greetings like {{#RAND | Hey | Hello | Hi | Howdy }}. Here's how it would look in the editor when setting it up.

In this example it will random select the options "Hey", "Hello", "Hi" and "Howdy".

You can use as many RAND's and options as you want in your email template to generate hundreds of variations of your cold email!

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